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Here’s 3 Pets That players can use for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire. So let’s tell you about.

Tech786: Pets have a lot of importance in Free Fire. With its help, the game gains a lot more. Pets are purchased with the help of diamonds in Free Fire. Clash squad mode is present in Free Fire. In this case, you can use many different modes of pet in this mode. Also you can benefit from here. Characters are often good for Battle Royal mode but can also be helpful in Clash Squad mode.

3 Pets that players can use in Free Fire for Clash Squad Mode

3: Detective Panda

Detective Panda
Detective Panda

Detective Panda’s in-game strength is Panda’s Blessing. This will be a great option for the players. 4 HP increases with every kill. After arriving at Level 2, around 7 HP increases with each kill. You have a big advantage in health here.

2: Robo


The Robo has a special strength called “Wall Enforcement”. This allows the Glu Wall to have another shield. Also increases to 60 HP. Players can use this belly in Clash Squad mode. Players at level 5 have a good option to increase HP to 80.

1: Poring


Poring helps increase health and armor endurance. This is a better option for Clash Squad mode. With the help of poring, endurance at level 5 increases every two seconds.


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