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In today article we will tell you about 5 Most Excellent Characters For Classic Mode In Free Fire 2021. Let’s see in detail.

Tech786: Battle Royal mode is most liked in Free Fire. Right now the game has 37 characters but there are some characters which are a better alternative to the classic mode.

5 Most Excellent Characters For Classic Mode In Free Fire 2021

5: A124 ( Strength- Thrill of Battle )

Sex: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: Jan 01st

A124 Free Fire [ Image Credit- ff.garena.com ]
A124 can be considered as one of the best characters of Free Fire. Its strength is thrill of battle. You can convert this 25 EP to HP. This is a very beneficial option. It is priced at 499 diamonds. Basically It is a robot made with modern technology. She has two state of mind; A normal 18 years old girl mode or battle mode.

4: Jota ( Strength- Sustained Reds )

Sex: male
Age: 31 
Birthday: Jun 23rd

Jota Free Fire [ Image Credit- ff.garena.com ]
Jota grew up in a middle class family, was an average student and had a family who loved him. Overall, a pretty normal life – but he felt trapped and needed more action in his life. He lived in a city with skyscrapers that filled the skyline and felt trapped, so he started climbing to find places to see the sky. Jota strength is Sustained Reds. This gives you HP with every single kill from an SMG or shotgun. There is also a short cooldown of 5 seconds. This benefits you against enemies.

3: Shimada Hayato ( Strength- Bushido )

Sex: male
Age: 20
Birthday: Mar 21st

Shimada Hayato
Shimada Hayato Free Fire [ Image Credit- ff.garena.com ]
Hayato is actually a legendary samurai and his strength is Bushido. This increases the penetration by 7.5%, while decreasing 10% HP. If you like to play defensive then this character can be good for you. Also, you will benefit from this character even while taking fights. Its price is 8000 gold coins.

2: K (Captain Booyah)

Sex: Male
Age: 31
Birthday: Oct 06th

K (Captain Booyah)
K (Captain Booyah) Free Fire [ Image Credit- ff.garena.com ]
K was a smart kid, but like most kids his age he didn’t take school seriously. When he was 16, still a junior in high school, he got into a car crash and injured his spine. K is described as Professor and Jiu-Jitsu’s Expert in Free Fire. It raises 2 EPs every three seconds. However, it takes about 20 seconds to change the mode. At Level 6, K can easily raise 2 EP in two seconds. Due to this, it can prove to be quite beneficial.

1: DJ Alok

Sex: Male
Age: 28
Birthday: Aug 26th

DJ Alok
DJ Alok Free Fire [ Image Credit- ff.garena.com ]
Using the power of music, Alok left Brazil and travelled the world. His name means “light”. He has signed a contract and a closed concert will happen on Free Fire’s battleground island for some VIP guests. DJ Alok can be called the best character of the game. It has a special strength called Drop the Beat. It has a big advantage in healing and speed boost. You can win fights using it in the game.

Note: In this article, the author has chosen the characters according to him. It may also have better options in the game. Tell us yours thought about this.


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