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In today article we will tell you about 5 reasons why you should take Alvaro character in Free Fire 2021. So let’s start now.

Tech786: Free Fire is a very popular worldwide game. The developers of this game keep adding new features every season. Because of this it is played by more people. Alvaro characters are the best in the Free Fire game. It has been brought to Free Fire a few days ago. But the players did not react that well. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 reasons why players should buy Alvaro character in Free Fire.

Short Details of Alvaro Free Fire Character

Sex: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: May 28th

Alvaro Free Fire
Alvaro Free Fire

Alvaro grew up in a military family. He was recruited into the armed forces at the age of 14 when they found out his taste for explosives. He would make his own explosives and blow things up in the woods behind his family house. Alvaro is also viewed by common folks as unreliable and crazy.

5 Reasons why you should take Alvaro character in Free Fire 2021

5: Waste Penetration

With this character, the level of 2 or 3 on the waste increases the damage of grenade by 20 or 25HP. Waste damage is reduced when using Alvaro character. This gives the least damage on the character vest. This is why it is good.

4: Glue Wall Breaker

When the player is damaged by bullets and grenades, he uses more glue walls to avoid the opponent. Also, the health behind the glue wall can be increased. The Alvaro character easily ejects the grenade from the opponent hidden behind the wall. With damage it also knocks. For this reason one should use Alvaro character.

3: Clash Squad Mode

Alvaro characters can be used in Clash Squad mode. This increases the damage in long range against the opponent. It is beneficial to hide oneself from the adversary. This character can throw grenades in the long range, and increase its damage.

2: Grenade Damage increases

Alvaro is a great choice. Which has the power of Art of Demolition. This increases gun damage by 6%, long range damage by 7%. Alvaro has a huge advantage in Free Fire. It gives more damage in long creep. Attack opponents with full force.

1: Double Door Rush

The double door gate is a great option for taking a fight in Free Fire. Using this character, grenades can be thrown to the roof of the building and knocked down to the opposing campsite.

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