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22% of users used WhatsApp, 75% of users are thinking about deleting the app. When the payment data was shared, 93% of the users decided not to use the payment feature of WhatsApp.

Tech786: Annoyed by the change in privacy policy, WhatsApp users have started uninstalling this instant messaging app. This has been found in a recent survey by community platform LocalSkills which was designed to get the response of Indian users. About 5% of the users surveyed said that they have uninstalled WhatsApp. 21% of users said that they are using another messaging app instead. 22% of users reported that they used WhatsApp to pay a lot of bills.

WhatsApp extends the policy update date to May 15

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This month, WhatsApp changed its privacy and policy service. In it, users were allowed to share the information, chat and payment and business information of the business channel with the parent company and third party. On the uproar over seeking permission to share primary data, WhatsApp extended the policy update date from February 8 to May 15.

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75% users are thinking about discontinuing WhatsApp

LocalSkills found in its developer that about 75% of WhatsApp users are thinking about stopping using it. He says that if the business user and user data had to be shared with Facebook and third party, they would leave it. 93% of the people surveyed said that they would not use WhatsApp’s payment feature if it eats Facebook and other information about payments and transactions.

15% users had decided to withdraw from WhatsApp in the last share

In the results of the last survey released by LocalSkills on January 13, it was found that 15% of users are planning to withdraw from WhatsApp. In that survey of LocalSkills, 67% of users had said that if the business and user data of Business India were shared with Facebook and third party, then they would stop using it. The latest contact was made to know what the users had said last time, but how they are implementing.

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