CyberNews report claims that 500 million users data also leaked from LinkedIn after Facebook. So in today article we will learn about whole matter.

Tech786: Recently, after the data theft of the social networking site Facebook, there was a lot of stir among the users. During that time data of 53.3 crore users was leaked and it included 61 lakh Indian users.

At the same time, another big news of data leaks is in the discussion and this time the data of about 500 million users of professional networking platform LinkedIn has been leaked. According to the report, the leaked data is being sold online.

LinkedIn Data Breach

The allegedly scrapped archive of 500 million users’ data has been put up for sale on a popular hacker forum. The report also said that the people involved behind this hack have presented 20 lakh records in the leaked data as a sample.

The CyberNews report has given information that the leaked data of LinkedIn users is being sold online. This data includes many personal information such as the user’s name, email ID, address, phone number, and workplace.

This data is being sold for a price of 2 million. The report also stated that the hacker group can sell this data at a higher price in the coming times. This means that this group will sell personal information of users in the form of bitcoins.

In the case of the data leak, LinkedIn said in a statement that it had ‘investigated an alleged set of LinkedIn data posted for sale and determined that it was in fact an aggregation of data from several websites and companies and Their platform has no link to it.

The company also said that it contains publicly viewable member profile data that appears to be scraped from LinkedIn.

This was not a LinkedIn data breach, and no private member account data was included from LinkedIn. When any member tries to get the data, we do not consent to it and immediately stop it. ‘

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