Airtel Announced Xstream Fiber Rs 3999 Broadband Plan with a Complimentary 1Gbps Wi-Fi Router and Unlimited Data: See Details- Tech786


Airtel Announced Xstream Fiber Rs 3999 Broadband Plan with a Complimentary 1Gbps Wi-Fi Router and Unlimited Data: See Details 

Tech786: Airtel is going to provide hyper fast wi-fi experience to its users because always airtel has tried to provide its best service to it’s customers. Airtel has announced that on Airtel Xstream fiber people will enjoy internet upto 1GBPS. Now users will not get disturb for the cables and other medium of internet. As per todays report airtel is providing more than 150 cities the broadband services. We can say that airtel is really working for their users to get rid of normal problem .

How much Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 3999 Broadband Plan Cost?

Airtel Xstream Fibre Rs 3,999 Broadband Plan
Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 3,999 Broadband Plan


Now the company has announced that this plan will come for Rs 3999 which has unlimited data quota as well as complimentary 1 GBPS wifi router. The company has challenged that with Rs 3999 plan, the users are also getting 4*4 wifi router that will work in the office and home as well. Now the users will not any problems while setting up the internet connection.

The CEO of Bharti Airtel Veer indra Nath has told that this high speed connectivity will help in today’s digital first world and work as a lifeline for them. He is very proud that Airtel is working hard and hard for their users and making their customers happy with their service. He also mentioned that the thing which is very important is that we have provide our customers 1GBPS data and helpled them to get rid of LAN cables.

The operator has also said that this advance 4*4 wifi router is able to provide data to home or in office without any stoppage or any lackness. Airtel has also confirmed that this wifi is really giving best resut to those people who are working from the home as well as for the childern who are studying from home. No matter how much devices are connected to them but this will work as faster as it was. This will also work for the office purpose and stock trading purposes where data speed is really necessary for them.

In 3999 rupees, we will also get Airtel Xstream box as a complimentary for Airtel Xstream fiber. This will provide from Airtel Xstream library 550 TV channel as well as OTT content. In this we can get 10000 film and 7 OTT apps and five studios. This will also gives Amazon prime subscription and Zee 5 subscription for free to its users .


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