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Airtel Broadband’s most explosive offer with 200mbps speed and full year validity, let’s see

Today we will tell you about some of the best broadband plans of Airtel, one of the best telecom companies, in which the company is providing its convenience to the customer with a speed of 200mbps at least reasonable prices.

Tech786: Since last year, every single person in India has been suffering from corona epidemic and due to this, many situations have worsened. Due to which people have to spend more time at home and due to this the usage of internet service has increased.

Every person in every house has been connected to the Internet and all offices and everything has been closed due to Corona. And because of this, every person wants to take internet service at the best speed and Airtel has done its services very well.

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Airtel Broadband Plans

In the 200 Mbps plan of Airtel Xstream Fiber, the company is giving 200mbps high speed internet to the customers. The company has set a price limit of ₹ 999 per month for this plan according to an estimate for the customers.

And this internet plan company has launched with validity of 3, 6 and 12 months and at the same time the company has allowed its customers to use unlimited internet.

Airtel Xstream Fiber’s 3-Month Plan

Airtel has fixed the price of this plan at ₹ 2997. However, if it is seen every month, then the customer will have to pay ₹ 999 in this plan and in this plan the customer can also enjoy unlimited internet service.

Airtel Xstream Fiber 6-Month Plan

Airtel has given a relief to customers in this plan as it has fixed the price of ₹ 5544 for this plan. If we compare this plan with the previous plan, then the customer will have to spend ₹ 924 only every month.

This plan has been kept just like all plans. For example, there are some plans of Airtel, which by an estimate, the company has reduced its price for customers. Due to which the customers are getting a lot of benefit.

Airtel Xstream Fiber’s 12-Month Plan

In this plan, Airtel has reduced the price of the customers significantly compared to the previous plan, so customers will not have any inconvenience in taking this plan.

The price of this plan has been set by the company ₹ 10,188 for the customers with a time limit of 1 year. Which the customer has to give in one turn. That is, if you take the average of this plan for the year, then the customers are getting this plan every month for ₹ 849 only.

If the customer uses this plan for only 1 month. So the customer will have to pay the installation charge whereas if the customer takes this plan for 3, 6 and 12 months then the company solves it for free.

In all these plans, the FUP limit is only 3,333 GB every month. These plans come with OTT benefits. And we want to tell everyone that tax has not been added to the price of this plan.

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