Airtel prepaid plan of Rs 49, now for Rs 79, know what else you will get extra


Telecom company Airtel has discontinued the prepaid plan 49 and introduced the 79 plan in front of the user, which has been launched to give some extra benefits.

Airtel’s company has today discontinued one of its very popular Rs 49 plans. This observance was used by a large number of people of Airtel.

Airtel prepaid plan of Rs 49 - tech786
Airtel prepaid plan of Rs 49

But now Airtel’s company has launched a new plan in the market. Now the price of this new Airtel plan has been reduced to Rs 79.

This new change made in Airtel’s prepaid plan will be implemented on Plan India Basic from today i.e. July 29.

Airtel 49 recharge details –

Airtel 49 recharge details

Airtel had given Rs 38.52 to all the users of Airtel in its earlier Rs 49 prepaid plan. The validity of which was given for a total of 28 days. Not only this but 100 MB data was also given to all the users of Airtel with this plan.

What are the benefits of the Airtel Rs 79 plan?

Airtel 79 recharge details: Let us know what will be available in this new prepaid plan of Airtel 79.

In Airtel’s Rs 79 prepaid plan, the user will be given a talk time of Rs 64. Apart from this, the company will also give a tariff plan to the user.

Airtel 79 recharge details

Its calling rate will be one paisa per second for both locker and STD. Apart from this, you will also be given 106 minutes of outgoing calls and 200 MB of data separately. Let us tell you that the validity of this plan will also remain for 28 days.

Why did Airtel stop Rs 49 recharge plan?

If you do not know this, then let us tell you that a few months ago, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the company of Airtel made its Rs 49 plan available for free to all low-income users.

Due to which a total of 55 million users got the benefit of it. But now Airtel’s company has decided to discontinue that old plan.

Airtel prepaid plan from Rs 749 to Rs 999

Let us tell you that Airtel’s company had also changed its postpaid plan last week. Under this change, Airtel’s company discontinued the plan of Rs 749 and after that made some changes in the postpaid plan of Rs 999.

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