All 20 Apple stores closed in France, know what was the reason?


Tech786: As it is known that France is undergoing lockdown due to Covid-19 for the third time. In this way, Apple has decided to close the French store, although the rest of the Apple Store is operational across the world. According to the Apple company, it has been decided to close all 20 stores in France.

According to Apple Opera’s Paris Side, we are temporarily closing the Apple Store. During this time the company has made it clear that its side The phones will be taken online as before.

Let us say that last year there has been an increase of about 45 percent in online product ordering in India. In this way, online sales are expected to increase this year as well.

Why Apple Store and School Closed in France?

The Apple company said that the Apple Store would be closed until further notice. This time the lockdown has decided to close the city center of France. Which was kept operational during the January lockdown.

Apple WWDC 2021
Apple WWDC 2021

The school already has three in France. Closed for weeks. During the lockdown of this time, the decree to keep the Jan Essel store closed has been issued.

Attempts to control new cases of Covid-19

Children’s school will be closed until further orders by French President Emmanuel Maco. Also domestic flights are banned. In a TV speech, Emmanuel Macron said that we are taking all measures to control Kovid-19 In such a hope that new cases of Kovid-19 can be controlled soon.

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