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Bankruptcy Apps 2021: If you have this Apps in your cell phone, remove it – Tech786



Bankruptcy Apps 2021- Google Play Store has blocked a total of 136 apps that steal money from bank accounts by phone. It has been found that these apps have been stealing money from people for a long time.

Tech786: Google does not allow apps that contain viruses, which can deceive people in general. The Google Play Store will immediately remove those processors even if an invalid app is created. But in addition to this, from time to time it is common for the Google Play Store to come across something that contains malicious apps and viruses.

The Google Play Store will drop it when it comes to complaints about apps like this. That’s how the Google Play Store recently blocked 136 processors. These processors have been banned for stealing money from the public.


Bankruptcy Apps 2021

Bankruptcy Apps 2021

Accordingly the banned 136 processors are stealing information from your phone by a virus called GriftHorse Trojan. Stealing the bank account details attached to it by your phone number and stealing bank details such as credit card and debit card saved in your other shopping apps and thereby stealing money. There is little to no stealing because it is difficult to steal in bulk.

How to steal

That means stealing your bank details, then sending OTP to the phone and reading the processors with this virus in front of you and stealing money from your bank account. If you use some bad apps, a lot of ads will come. Buy this, buy it, you have received so many crores of gifts. A lot of ads will come up that click on this. There are many people who click on these ad pop-ups by mistake.


When you click on the ads that come in the app like this it will automatically send a virus to your phone and steal your bank details. And most importantly it will subscribe your bank account for a subscription amount of something. Thus, 100, 50 rupees will be deducted from your bank every month. Many people will not worry about it being a small amount. But these processors are stealing money from many users for 100 rupees and 50 rupees.

Bankruptcy Apps 2021

Popular fitness apps, GPS apps, locker app are stolen like this. Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker, Geospot: GPS Location Tracker, ICare – Find Location, Free Translator Photo, Locker Tool, Fingerprint Changer, Slime Simulator, Keyboard Themes, What’s Me Sticker, Fingerprint Defender, Lifeel – scan and test, Launcher iOS 15 , Including 136 processors capable of stealing your details like this. Acting like an app that provides good services like Ambi and another page acting like a stranger is stealing money.

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Google Play Store is thus removing processors containing the GriftHorse Trojan. Google says that people who have already installed these processors should immediately remove the processors from their phone. Popular processors like Handi Translator Pro, Scanner App Scan Docs & Notes, Chat Translator All Messengers, Hunt Contact, Icony, Horoscope: Fortune, My Chat Translator have also been removed from the Google Play Store.


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