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Battery Drain Problem In Smartphone, How to resolve it – Tech786

Battery Drain Problem In Smartphone: This Post Is about Battery Drain Problem In smartphones. Mobile battery is draining very quickly but you do not understand why the mobile battery is draining so fast and what is the reason behind it? Read this post carefully to know all these things.


Fixed Fast Battery Drain Problem OF Smartphone

Below are some of the major causes and solutions to the smartphone’s mobile battery Draining problem. Read it carefully and improve your phone.

1- Wallpaper


The battery is discharged quickly by using wallpaper, if you are using live wallpaper then your battery will discharge quickly.

Battery consumption of colorful wallpaper is more than black and white wallpaper. Live Wallpaper consumes more battery.

Battery Draining Rate:- Live Wallpaper > colorful Wallpaper >  Simple Wallpaper


If your phone battery is running out quickly then you should remove the live wallpaper.

2- Mobile Network


Due to poor network in mobile, the phone battery discharges quickly. If the mobile network is coming down in your mobile, then your phone will try to bring the mobile network from nearby, due to which the battery of the phone will be more consumed.


Use the correct SIM card for the mobile network so that your mobile network is never down. It has 3 advantages.

  • Better Network
  • Better Internet Speed
  • Battery Save

3- Unusual Apps


If you pay attention then you will find that there are many applications in your smartphone that you do not use and due to these mobile applications, your battery gets discharged quickly because many applications also run in the background.

Solution –

To fix this, go to the settings of your mobile, there you will get an option of battery usage and there you have to check which mobile application is consuming your battery quickly and then uninstall that application and if the application is useful for you.

You have to go to the option and click on the restricted background data so that the application does not use your mobile data in the background, which will save your battery.

4- Playing Games


You must have noticed that when we play games on mobile, the battery drains quickly. The reason behind this is the graphics settings of your mobile.

Many people like to play mobile games in high graphic settings due to which the battery drains quickly.


Keep the graphic settings low while playing the game, because of this your battery will run for a long time and many of the smartphones have a gaming mode, turn it on, it will also save your battery.

5- Wi-Fi


Mobile data consumes more battery,  Wi-Fi consumes much less battery than mobile data, so use more Wi-Fi, which will save your battery significantly.

Use wi-fi while playing games. Wi-fi consumes very little battery. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, Auto-update apps when not in use.


If you like high brightness in your mobile then try to reduce the brightness of mobile because it consumes more battery.

Solution –

You can do the brightness of the mobile even on auto mode, this will save your battery and your eyes will not be stressed.

If you have less battery left in your mobile, then turn on battery saver mode, which will reduce your battery consumption.

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