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BGMI Banned 25 lakh accounts, Let’s know why – Tech786



BGMI developer Krafton has banned 25 lakh accounts. Between October 1st and November 10th these accounts were completely deleted. The reason is ..


  • 25 lakh Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) game accounts banned
  • Krafton cancels cheating gamers’ accounts
  • Which those who violate the rules

Tech786– The number of people playing the game Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is increasing day by day. Millions of people in India are playing this game. Recently, however, BGMI developer Krafton shocked some users. Simultaneously banned 25 lakh accounts. Between October 1st and November 10th these accounts were completely deleted. Also suspended 7,06,319 accounts.

Krafton announced that it had completely banned 25,19,692 accounts for allegedly cheating and playing games. “We are working hard to eliminate cheating and cheaters from the India game on Battle Ground Mobile. Those who cheat and play the game are almost completely eliminated.

We are working to make the BGMI game even more fun for users. We will do our best to make the BGMI game more fun and honest and to make the game feel better, ”said Kraftan, a South Korean gaming company. He also said that cheaters have no place in BGMI and the aim is to provide an honest game to all players.

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Why the ban ..

Krafton considers cheaters to be hackers of the BGMI game using various tools. BGMI is deleting the accounts of those who are cheating, as honest players are less likely to win due to some hacking using tools. Some even cheat on the BGMI game by downloading the modded APKs. BGMI also bans accounts of such people.

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Krafton, which uses the BGMI powerful mechanism to identify cheaters, has also effectively brought in a banning mechanism. Krafton is able to track the accounts of those who play the game in real time in unauthorized modes. Blocking accounts. However, some accounts have been suspended and warnings have been issued. Says it will cancel accounts completely if the rules are violated again. If alerted but cheated the account will be terminated completely.

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BGMI, on the other hand, is also banning accounts that describe the process of cheating on a BGMI account via YouTube. Krafton makes it clear that we will continue to take steps to make those who play the BGMI game more honestly feel better overall.


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