Can we play PUBG Mobile Korean version in India? Here’s your Answer, Is it illegal or not?

  • The Korean version of PUBG Mobile is being played in India.
  • The Korean version of PUBG Mobile easily works through APK files.

PUBG Mobile Korean version- PUBG Mobile is banned in India to say, but gamers are still playing PUBG Mobile comfortably. It was announced a few months ago by PUBG Corporation that PUBG MOBILE INDIA is coming back, but it may be delayed by a few more months.

I have talked to many people who told that they are playing the game by installing the pubg version of another country. There is no need of any kind of VPN or difficult methods for this. Korean version PUBG Mobile’s APK is easily available.

PUBG Mobile India south korea
PUBG Mobile India south korea

In the beginning, due to the lack of an official version, there were big tournaments or gamers used to earn money by streaming live community. But now PUBG Mobile is being streamed live on social media and YouTube again.

Even the big players of India who have played world level tournaments are also playing the second version of PUBG mobile and are also streaming them. Korean PubG Mobile is available on the game sharing community and people also download it from there.

Is it illegal to play Korean Version of PUBG Mobile in India?

Now the question is that if PubG Mobile is banned in India, is it illegal to play the version of other countries? Delhi-based lawyer Ajay Tejpal says that it is also illegal to use the second version of PUBG mobile in India.

According to Tejpal, the government has banned the PUBG mobile app under Section 69A and the Information Technology Act related to it. In such a situation, it will be a violation of this order of the government to access the band app or download the same app in some other way and use it in India.

PUBG Corporation
PUBG Corporation

Legal experts believe that if the government has to completely ban PubG Mobile from India, many things will still have to be done. Such as their second version and the website of the APK from where it is being downloaded will have to be banned.

However, there is always this question in the minds of gamers who play Korean pubg mobile, is it legal? But at present, no such case has come to light where any action has been taken on keeping or playing Korean Pubg mobile in your phone.

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