Central Govt banned these 43 mobile apps, including 14 dating apps, 8 gaming apps and mostly Chinese: Look at Here


Tech786: The central government banned 43 mobile apps on Tuesday. The Center has imposed this ban under the Information Technology Act 69A. The Center said that these apps are involved in such activities, which threaten the unity, integrity, security of the country.

Out Of the 43 apps banned, 14 include dating, 8 gaming apps, 6 business and finance, and an entertainment app.

Snack video action on another popular app after Tik-Tok

The central government, which has banned Chinese app TikTok, has now banned popular chat app Snack Video. It is a Singapore based Chinese software company. It has more than 100 million users. This became the biggest option for users after TicketTalk was banned and within 5 months, around 50 million users have increased. Most users are in India.

Center took action against apps 4 times

First Strike– On 29 June, 59 Chinese apps were banned. The apps were described as a threat to national security. This decision was taken after the Galvan clash.

Second Strike– On 27 July, 47 apps were banned. The government took this step when tensions were rising in Ladakh and Chinese troops tried to infiltrate twice.

Central Govt banned these 43 mobile apps, including 14 dating apps, 8 gaming apps and mostly Chinese: Look at Here
Central Govt banned these 43 mobile apps, including 14 dating apps, 8 gaming apps and mostly Chinese: Look at Here

Third Strike– On 2 September, the government banned 118 apps including PUBG. PubG has been downloaded by over 175 million people.

Fourth Strike– 43 mobile apps were banned on 24 November. The decision has been taken based on the report sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian Cybercrime Co-ordination Center.

List of These 43 apps were banned

1. Ali Suppliers

2. Ali Baba Workbench

3. Ali Express – Smarter Shopping, Better Living

4. Alipay Cashier

5. Lalamov India – Delivery App

6. Drive with Lalamov India

7. Snack Video

8. Camcard – Business Card Reader

9. Cam Card – BCR (Western)

10. Soul – Follow the Soul to Find You

List of These 43 apps were banned
List of These 43 apps were banned

11. Chinese Social – Free Online Dating Video App & Chat

12. Date in Asia – Dating and Chat for Asian Singles

13. V Date – Dating App

14. Free Dating App – Single, Start Your Date

15. Adore App

16. Truly Chinese – Dating App

17. Truly Asian – Dating App

18. China Love – Dating App for Chinese Singles

19. Date My Age- Chat, Meet, Date

20. Asian date

21. Flirt Wish

22. Guys only

23. Tubit

24. We Work China

25. First Love Live – Super Hot Live Beauties Live Online

26. Rella – Lesbian Social Network

27. Cashier Wallet

28. Mango TV

29. MG TV – Human TV Official TV App

30. TV – TV version

31. Drama and More of V TV – Sea Drama

32. V TV Lite

33. Lucky Live – Live Video Streaming App

34. Iowa Live

35. Ding Talk

36. Identity V

37. Iceland 2: Ashes of Time

38. Boxstar (Early Access)

39. Heroes Evolved

40. Happy Fish

41. Jellipop Match: Decorate Your Dream Iceland

42. Munchkin Match: Magic Home Building

43. Conquista

267 apps banned in 148 days

The Galvan clash took place on 15 June. To give a strong message to China and pressurize it, the government banned Chinese apps for the first time. After this, 267 apps have been banned within 148 days and most of these apps are Chinese.

Trump also banned Chinese apps, but Biden did not explain the situation

On September 18, the Trump administration in the US banned Chinese apps such as WeChat and TicketLock. The ban was to be implemented from September 20 and the apps were to be shut down completely on November 12, but the matter remained moot in the courts. The Trump administration was also trying in October to have the ban implemented. However, now after the election President Elect Joe Biden has not clarified his position on the issue. Because of this, this ban is not currently effective.

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