CEO Pavel Durov Stated 2.5 Crore New users Added in Telegram Family within 72 hours : Report


CEO Pavel Durov Stated 2.5 Crore New users Added in Telegram Family within 72 hours : Report

Tech786: After Whatsapp’s new privacy policy, users are now slowly turning to another instant messaging app. After this, now the number of Signal and Telegram users is increasing. The Telegram app has added 25 million new users in 72 hours.

The beginning of the new year may not have been good for Whatsapp, as users are now getting away from it due to its new privacy policy. Even the company had recently clarified about privacy policy and also clarified that private data of users is completely safe. But still the number of its users is seen to decline.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov
Telegram CEO Pavel Durov

Instead the Signal app has started making its place among the people. Not only this, the Telegram app is also becoming popular among users and it can be gauged from this that 25 million new users have been added to it in the last 72 hours.

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Sharing information, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has stated that Telegram has crossed the number of 500 million monthly active users. In view of Whatsapp’s new privacy policy, 25 million new users have been added to this platform within 72 hours from all over the world. This includes 38 percent users from Asia, 21 percent from Latin America and 8 percent from Middle East and North Africa.

Durov said in a blog post that ‘this is a significant increase from last year, when 1.5 million new users signed up every day. During our 7-year history of protecting the privacy of users, the download has seen such a surge for the first time. People no longer want to transact their privacy for free service. Nor do they want to be held hostage by technical monopolies.

According to data from app analytics firm SensorTower, the Signal app has received over 23 lakh new downloads in India between January 6 and January 10. Whereas during this period Telegram has garnered over 16 lakh new downloads. Apart from this, the number of downloads of Whatsapp has fallen by 35 percent. Between 13 January and 10 January, only 13 lakh new downloads have been found on WhatsApp.

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