Co-founder of Koo App said we have no understanding of politics and Koo is Apolitical Platform: Report


Launched as an alternative to Twitter, the Made in India app ‘Koo’ is becoming very popular among users. After which it is believed that it may give a tough competition to Twitter in the coming time.

Tech786: Recently, the Made in India app ‘Koo’, launched to compete on microblogging site Twitter, is suddenly on everyone’s tongue. Even the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has mentioned this app in the Mann Ki Baat program. Not only this, Union Ministers Piyush Goyal and Ravi Shankar Prasad have also made their account on the Koo app. Now people are considering it as a political app. After which the founder of Koo has given a big statement on this.

Made-in-India microblogging app ‘Koo’ co-founder Unmaye Radhakrishna has made a big statement on this, saying that the Kuo app is an apolitical platform and we have no understanding of politics. ‘He said that’ this is a platform that Twitter is aiming to be an alternative and is apolitical. We do not understand its policies and the system of any left or right policy. ‘

Koo App
Koo App

The incomparable Radhakrishna said that ‘the system of this app recognises everyone as a specific user and strives to provide the best user experience’. He said that ‘our system and policies do not consider left or right. The system recognizes each person as a unique user and provides the best service. We have to provide the best service to all to improve our capabilities as a platform. Mera or Mayank have no political lineage as co-founders of Koo and we are completely anarchic. ‘

He also said that the ‘Koo app is for every Indian citizen who follows Indian law. We are running the stage for every Indian and citizen. As a Made in India company, we are bound by Indian law and the Indian Constitution. Like the principle of our constitution, we also believe in making it a people-by-people and people’s platform. ” In addition, when asked about the Chinese investment in their start-ups from the apex, they said that this fully self-sustaining app is.

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