Corona Virus: shocking news revealed on masks to prevent the spread of corona virus, know more


Corona Virus Update:

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A household mask made of good cotton cloth can be helpful in preventing the spread of corona virus. Scientists at Florida Atlantic University in the United States studied many types of clothing and masks. After which he said that infection can be avoided by wearing cotton masks of good size household masks.

Which mask is more effective to prevent corona virus?

What type of fabric and fabric prove to be helpful in preventing corona spread? To know this, scientists tied several types of masks and handkerchiefs on the mouth of a human-like dummy (Mannequin). He then studied the spread of droplets from coughing, sneezing. Double layers of clothing were used in the preparation of household masks used in research. Scientists wanted to know how to distance the detritus from the mask. For this, he used laser rays. In the latest issue of the research journal ‘Physics of Fluids’, the research was revealed shocking. According to which in the case of coughing or sneezing, small drops coming out of the mouth, nose reached 3 feet seven inches away by tying the bandana on the face.

Use of cotton domestic mask revealed more

Wearing two layers of handkerchiefs reduced this distance to about one feet. The small strands coming out of the cone-like mask (Cone style mask) could reach only 8 inches away in the air. But they proved to be the most beneficial household face masks, which were made by stitching two layers of thick cotton cloth. The use of this showed that the detritus coming out of the cough or sneeze could pass through this mask only to determine the distance of two and a half inches.

Let us tell you that the WHO has recommended a three-layer mask to prevent the spread of corona virus. Even then the dwindling requirement of domestic face mask masks can be met in less resources. Assistant Professor of Research Sid Verma said, “We are basically looking at two important aspects of the mask. The fabric used during the research was focused first, while the second one was to consider the texture of the mask.”

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