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With the help of the CoWIN app, real time monitoring of vaccine delivery will help. Through the app, the government will be able to keep the data of the vaccinated people safe.

Tech786: The year 2021 begins with the Good News of the Covid 19 vaccine. The vaccine named ‘Covishield and Covaccin’ has been approved. In such a situation, the Union Health Ministry has released an app to make this vaccine accessible to the people. The app, named for vaccination, is called CoWIN. The CoWIN app will help in real-time monitoring of vaccine delivery. Through the app, the government will be able to keep the data of the vaccinated people safe. It’s second phase called CoWIN 2.0 has started right now.

Even after registering on this app, people will be vaccinated. However, this app is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. According to some reports, the production work of this app has not been completed yet. In such a situation, users should not make the mistake of downloading it.

What is CoWIN App?

CoWIN 2.0 App
CoWIN 2.0 App

COVIN (COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) is an upgraded version of eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network). After the completion of the application, it will be made available for free to users on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Ministry of Health has made it clear that the corona vaccine vaccines will be administered to the people in 3 phases. These include all frontline healthcare professionals in the first phase. The second phase involves people connected to emergency services. Eventually people with serious conditions will be vaccinated.

How to register for covid 19 vaccine in india on CoWIN App?

Step 1: One has to register for the vaccine on the Kovin app. Currently, we will not be able to install the app. According to media reports, the process of its registration will be something like this.

Step 2: Photo and ID will be required for self-registration on Kovin’s official website.

Step 3: Voters will be able to use ID, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension document in the ID.

Step 4: During registration your mobile number will also have to be given.

Step 5: The date, time and place of vaccination will be given through SMS as soon as registration is done.

5 modules of CoWIN app

With this app, the process of vaccination will serve as a platform for administrative activities, immunization workers and people who are to be vaccinated. It has 5 modules. Including Administrative Module, Registration Module, Vaccination Module, Benefit Approval Module and Report Module.

Administrative Module: People who will conduct the vaccination event. Through this module, they can decide the session, through which people and managers will get information through notifications to get vaccinated.

Registration module: will be for those who get themselves registered for the vaccination program.

Vaccination module: will verify the information of those who will register themselves for vaccination and update the status of this.

Beneficiary Approval Module: Through this, messages will be sent to the beneficiaries of vaccination. This will also generate a QR code and people will also get an e-certificate to get the vaccine.

Report Module: Through this, reports related to the vaccination program will be generated. For example, how many sessions of vaccination took place, how many people got vaccinated, how many people did not get vaccinated despite registration etc.

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