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Download Format Factory For Android & Windows And How to extract images from Video?



Download Format Factory For Android & Windows And How to extract images from Video? Hello everyone, Format Factory software is one of the most used free video and audio converter software today.  The main reason is that this software is very versatile, contains many useful tools and features.

Here are some typical features:

  • Convert video, image, audio, text formats…
  • Add Audio to Video
  • Separate Audio from Video
  • Crop Videos
  • Remove Logo in Video
  • Record a video of your computer screen…

How to Download Format Factory in Windows?

In specific, since version 5.8.10, this software program has supplied this characteristic Export Frames This function allows us to convert Video format to images simply, conveniently, rapidly, and particularly without the limitation of the size of the Video.

Although on the blog, Admin and collaborators have shared a lot of ways to help you extract images from videos, I still want to share with you one more way, because if you have Format Factory software is available, so it saves the trouble of installing other software.

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1. Steps to extract images from videos with Format Factory –

  Step 1: Double click on the icon outside the Desktop to start the software.

NOTE: You can visit the home page of the software at to download the official installer first.

Download Format Factory For Android & Windows And How to extract images from Video?

Format Factory

If your computer already has it installed, you need to update to version 5.8.10 or higher first. You select HELP=> select to Check new version update to the latest version.

  • Note: Version 5.8.10 or higher only supports Windows x64 operating systems.

   Step 2: You choose Video=> select Export Frames.

   Step 3: The dialog box MP4appears with the interface as shown below.

This dialog box gives us quite a few options, for example.

  • Output Format output image format, supported formats are JPG, BMP, PNG.
  • Output Setting customizes how the software program will generate photos, there are presently two choices are IntervalandFile Count.
  • The corresponding Intervaln will generate one image every second.
  • File Count divides the Video into n parts and outputs n the corresponding image.
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  • Add Files add videos to be converted, can add multiple videos at the same time.
  • Add Folder adds all the videos contained in the folder.
  • The folder will contain the images after conversion.

You can use WhatsApp without a smartphone – you know how?

Select Add Files=> select the video to convert => customize options according to specific requirements => select OK

 Step 4: Then you select Start, the conversion process officially begins. This process is fast or slow depends mainly on your computer configuration and the length of your video.

Step 5: The software will notify when the conversion process is finished, then select Output Folder to see the results. The output image will be in the folder with the same name as the video file.

2. Option Option

Options the dialog box MP4 give us a number of tools to customize, as well as edit Video such as:

  • Speed
  • Volume
  • Cut
  • Precision
  • Fade In, Fade Out
  • Crop
  • Remove logo

This much, I think, has already met the basic video editing needs. In case you want to edit more detailed and professional, you should use Camtasia software.

Epilogue –

Currently, there are many online services that allow us to extract images from videos such as , , , … but all limit the amount of video to upload, and online services also have more limitations.

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Usually, these online providers will restrict the added size to 100 MB, if you wish to be increased, it’s worthwhile to upgrade to a paid service and I consider it is very uncommon that you simply accept this.

In this tough time of the COVID-19 epidemic, cannot you save a dime or a dong?

Therefore, the Export Frames feature of Format Factory software is among the prime candidates for the video to picture conversion institute. Goodbye and see you within the subsequent posts!

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