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FAU-G vs PUBG: Top 5 Major Difference between FAUG and PUBG, You Should Know. Let’s start.

Tech786: FAUG VS PUBG 5 Major DIFFERENCE– FAUG has received tremendous response since launch. The game needs many changes, despite its game being liked by the people. This game has been downloaded over 50 lakhs so far. FAUG has been compared to PUBG MOBILE since the game’s announcement. Although these two games are quite different from each other, FAUG is still seen as an alternative to homegrown PUBG, sometimes PUBG. Let’s know what is the difference between these two games.

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FAUG vs PUBG: Top 5 Major Difference between

5- Weapons

FAUG vs PUBG: Weapons
FAUG vs PUBG: Weapons

This is a big difference between the two games. In both FAUG and PUBG games, users require weapons to compete. In PUBG, players get many weapons, including guns, with which they can kill their enemies. FAUG is a combat game, in which users also need weapons to kill their enemy. In this, users get weapons like bat and ax, but users have to go very close to the enemy for this.

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4- Game Mode

FAUG vs PUBG: Game Mode
FAUG vs PUBG: Game Mode

If you have played PUBG Mobile, then you will know that this is a Battle Royal game, in which many users can play the game together. In the Battle Royal game, the person who survives the last is the winner. This game is about 30 minutes. On the other hand FAUG is an episode based game. Battle Royal mode is going to come forward in this game, but it will take time now.

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3- Maps

FAUG Game TDM 5V5 Mode Release Date
FAUG vs PUBG: Maps

FAUG is developed by nCore Games of Bangalore. The game is based on Ladakh and its first episode is localized in Galvan Valley. Fauji is a real location based game. On the other hand, many maps are available in PUBG Mobile, although they have nothing to do with any real location.

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2- Developers

FAUG vs PUBG: Availability
FAUG vs PUBG: Availability

FAUG Made in India is a game developed by Bangalore-based company nCore Games. PUBG Mobile is associated with Korea and Chinese firms. Let us tell you that Krafton is a South Korean company developing PUBG. While Tencent is a contributor to the development of PUBG Mobile, a Chinese firm.

1- Availability

FAUG’s entry has just been done and is available for download only on the Google Play Store. That is, only Android users can play this game. Its iOS version may come soon. PUBG was available to all users before the ban. Things are not clear to PUBG Mobile India yet. There is no official information on whether the game will return to India. At the moment, rumors are going on about this game.

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