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Free fire Free Diamonds: How to get a 100% bonus on the purchase of Diamonds in Free Fire?

Free fire Free Diamonds: Every free fire player is looking for an offer like this. In which he bought diamonds, then he got more diamonds than his price. Today we are writing a similar offer for you, which will give you 100% bonus on the purchase of a diamond.

What is a diamond? 

Players need diamonds to get characters and other rewards within the free fire game. In this way, Diamond Free Fire has these currency currencies, which you can purchase in Free Fire Game. Apart from this, some top-up websites are also available from where you can buy diamonds.

Garena free fire free diamond app: Top 3 apps to get free diamond -tech786
Garena free fire free diamond app: Top 3 apps to get free diamond

Free Fire Top Up Center: How to get 100% bonus?

To get 100% top-up bonus on a free fire diamond purchase, you will have to purchase from a website called Diamond Games Kharido. This is a site that will give you a Hundred Percent Bonus on your first purchase of Diamond.

Steps to get 100 percent bonus for Free Fire:

1. Go to the site of Game Kharido.
2- Select the option of free fire there.
3- Then login with a Facebook account or Free Fire ID.
4- You will open all the tops and from here choose one according to your choice.
5- Pay and after confirmation Diamond will come to your account.

Top-up options:

Here are the top-up options –

  • 40 Indian Rupees – 50 Diamonds + 50 Bonus
  • 80 Indian Rupees – 100 Diamonds + 100 Bonus
  • 240 Indian Rupees – 310 Diamonds + 310 Bonus
  • 400 Indian Rupees – 520 Diamonds + 520 Bonus
  • 800 Indian Rupees – 1060 Diamonds + 1060 Bonus
  • 1600 Indian Rupees – 2180 Diamonds + 2180 Bonus
  • 4000 Indian Rupees – 5600 Diamonds + 5600 Bonus


Note: This article is for new players. This method will be common for some people but many people are not aware of it.

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