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Free Fire vs PUBG: How to Download and Play Free Fire? Difference Between Free Fire and PUBG 

Tech786: In early September, the Indian government had banned the highly popular game PUBG, citing national security. Since then, the youth are looking for new games. However, many companies have also tried to provide alternative to PUBG. But what was in PUBG is probably not seen in anyone.

However, in the meantime, there is a mobile game which has attracted much discussion. His name is Garena Free Fire. Ever since the government has banned PUBG in India, people are trying their hand at another Battle Royal Game Free Fire.

Both games are quite similar and in this also you are free to play with single, duo and squad modes. However, Garena Free Fire New Beginning download is receiving constant criticism from PUBG players as their experience has not been as good as PUBG. However, until Pabji arrives in India, you can play free fire as its substitute.

How to download free fire?

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Free Fire is an ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. You can download it directly from Google Play Store. Here is the link to download free fire (Free Fire Download karane ka Link). Apart from this, you can also download this app by going to the Google Play Store app of your Android mobile.

Is the free fire banned in India?

Currently Garena Free Fire is the top free and grossing game on the Play Store. However, after the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, it was said that Free Fire can also be banned. but that did not happen. Because Free Fire is a Singaporean app. Garena is a free online game developer company headquartered in Singapore. It is a digital entertainment business whose parent company is C Ltd and is called Garena.

How much MB is free fire?

The Free Fire app is 46 MB on the Google Play Store. Garena Free Fire 46 MB

How is Free Fire a game, how to play Free Fire?

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This is an ultimate survival shooter game. Every 10 minutes of play you are left on a remote island where there are 49 other players against you. And the purpose of all is just survival. With the help of parachutes, players start from anywhere according to their calculations and the goal is to be as much as possible in the safe zone. Use the vehicles to explore such a big map, hide in bushes and get lost in the grass or valley. Ambush, snipe, serve, and there is only one objective: Survive and stay on duty.

Differences between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

PUBG Mobile India south korea
PUBG Mobile India south korea

PUBG Mobile Lite-

Download Size – 567 MB

Operating System – Android 4.1

RAM – 1 GB (recommended – 2 GB)

Processor – Qualcomm Processor

Garena Free fire

Download Size – 680 MB

Operating System – Android 4.0.3

RAM – 1 GB (recommended – 2 GB)

Processor – MediaTek MT6737M quad-core

Graphics: Both PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire can be run on devices with 1 GB and 2 GB RAM, but PUBG Mobile Lite has HDR graphics, which makes the game more realistic. On the other hand, Free Fire lacks realistic experience despite having good graphics.

PUBG has more players: In PUBG Mobile Lite, 60 players can join the match to find the ultimate winner, in Free Fire, there are 50 players in a match. They also land, run for loot, and fight to survive.

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