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Tech786: Genyoutube is a program or software that allows downloading TikTok and Youtube videos in the best resolution. Through Genyoutube, you can also download any YouTube video for free in the desired resolution like 4K, MPEG-4, MP4, Bluray etc.

What about genyoutube?

Genyoutube is a video downloader software that offers an option to do trending Youtube video routing, which is also absolutely free. Nowadays Youtube One BET has become an online streaming platform.

People now go directly to YouTube for any problem because here you get all the content. But you can not watch YouTube videos in your smartphone, only you can watch. Similarly, Tik Tok also became very famous in India, but recently the Indian government banned it.

In such a situation, Genius offers people the option of downloading their favorite YouTube or Tik-Tok videos in HD.

How is it working?

Genyoutube software is similar to Youtube because it has a very simple interface like YouTube. Users can download any file with just one click. The user needs to search or browse favorite videos. A video or audio has the option to download a particular video, and then the downloaded MP3 or MP4 file is added to a media archive for use on an offline basis.

How to download video

It is very easy to download any trending video of YouTube or Tik Tok for offline purposes. Also if you are looking to download a video, just follow the steps given below.

● Everyone’s fist visit the official site of Genyoutube or download the genyoutube app.

● Find your favorite video in the search bar.

● Just wait it will show your result.

● After this just press the download button to download.

● Once you click on the download button it asks for the quality of the video in which you want to download the particular video.

● Just select your quality like HD, Mp3, Mp4 etc.

● After this just wait till the download is complete.

How to download GenYoutube songs?

As you know people usually prefer to download mp3 music for entertainment when the internet connection is closed. SoundCloud is a great place where anyone can listen to music. Each song can be downloaded to Android devices for listening purposes without an Internet connection. This is a great way for offline collection of favorite music.

To download Sound Cloud Music from Genyoutube you just have to follow the steps given above, which we mentioned in the ‘Youtube Video Download’ section, but keep in mind only one thing when choosing the quality, you have the Mp3 option .

How to download 4K or HD movies?

Genyoutube is an amazing sound cloud and YouTube downloader application that lets you save any type of content. One can download Youtube video and SoundCloud audio files. An easy-to-use application for downloading any type of video, ie 4K or HD, that you like on Android devices.

GenYoutube – Download Video

Genyoutube is the platform you’re watching if you want to download some videos that are available on Youtube and TikTok. Genyoutube also offers you the option to download videos that you like and enjoy the videos you spend your day watching.

Which Type of Videos You Can Download From GenYouTube.

● Let you download YouTube videos

● Download Tik-Tok videos

● Download high quality videos

Is Genyoutube Legal?

As stated in the above Terms and Conditions, it is legal to watch and stream videos from Youtube. But, it is illegal to download videos from YouTube using third party apps and software such as Zenuth. Youtube only gives the option to download for a limited number of videos, and it is legal to download only those videos.

But, the terms and conditions are given in the terms and conditions of Youtube, a user may be blamed if he downloads the video from Youtube through a third-party application or software. Therefore, the pr of distributing videos of Youtube without obtaining prior consent from Youtube is illegal.

Is genius virus free?

It is uncertain, and there is no definitive answer. However, taking in the experience and satisfaction of previous users, one can say that Genyoutube does not contain any malware or other viruses.

However, this cannot be guaranteed. The user should be vigilant about what he clicks and what ad he clicks on. This is because many advertisements are actually click-bits designed by black-hat hackers to steal your personal information.

Genyoutube Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions

By accessing the web site, users are agreeing to be bound by certain terms and conditions for use and all applicable laws and regulations. If one does not agree to these terms, then one is prohibited from using or accessing this site.

2- Disclaimer

Content on’s web site is provided “as is”. Genyoutube makes no warranty, and discloses all other warranties, including without limitation. Furthermore, Genyoutube does not make any representations about the accuracy, results, or reliability of the use of any content on the Internet Web site or related to such materials.

Note– This information is only for knowledge purpose. We never promote piracy. So always be careful from pirated sites, Thanks.

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