Google Chrome update: Google is doing this to speed up the release of Chrome


Google Chrome update: Google has announced to reduce the release cycle of Chrome updates. According to Google Chrome updates time cycle will be four weeks from the current six-week period to security purpose.

And other reason behind Google chrome update speed and stability. For over a decade, Chrome has shipped a new update every 6 weeks.

Google says it will speed up how it releases the Chrome update. Starting with Chrome 94 in Q3, 2021, Google will release its browser milestones every four weeks instead of every six weeks.

This is the first time Google has made its Chrome release schedule for more than a decade.

“As we improved our testing and release processes for Chrome, and deployed bi-weekly security updates to improve our patch gap.

It became clear that we could shorten our release cycle And deliver new features more quickly. According to Google technical program manager Alex Mineer While consumers will see a new version of google chrome update every month.

IT administrators will be able to opt for a new extended static option, with milestones being released every eight weeks.

Extended Stable will be available to enterprise administrators and Chromium embedders who require additional time to manage updates in their environments.

Significant security Google Chrome updates will still come in this version every two weeks.

But the extended stables should hopefully avoid the situation where the use of silent Chrome experiments end up angering IT admins.

Google says it plans “several stable release options” for Chrome OS, and will share details with the google chrome update for Chrome OS administrator in the coming months.

Since other popular browsers such as Microsoft’s Edge and Brave use Chromium.

we reached out to see how this could impact them. Brave reveals that they plan to go on a four-week release cycle instead of the current three-week rhythm.

Instead of one major chromium bump in every 2 releases. We will take a big chromium bump on every release going forward, “Says a spokesperson. Microsoft declined to comment on its plans for Edge.


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