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Google rolls out its new search console insights in beta version it is quite different from normal search console, basically in simple words we can say that this new search console insights is combination of normal search console and analytics data.

Google says this new experience will definitely help web creators to understand their audience, behaviour and resonates with their respective sides.

How to find search console insights beta?

Search Console Insights Beta
Search Console Insights Beta

If you are a website owner then it’s quite easy to find this new update; for this just go on your search console page ‘overview section’ and on the top of this page you will get the hyperlink of this new update. Now just click on that link then you will get overlook of this new search console insights.

1- Here you will get First your ‘site overview’ which generally shows your site total page view for 28 days and avers page duration time.

2- Now just below of site overview metrics you will get your ‘new content performance report’, Basically it shows your latest published content interaction with your audience.

3- Just scroll the section after that you will get ‘most popular content’ section where you can see your content with most page views according to last 28 days data. Here you will find a special tag which shows which of your content getting high page duration time and trending.

4- Below of the section you will find the option of ‘top traffic channel’ which represent how much traffic your side drives from different ways like organic, direct, or referral.

5- Just beneath of this section you will get your Google search engine results pages where you can get your ‘top trending keywords’ and the particular keywords which getting top five search result.

6- After that you will reach top referring link from other sites and social media option. So this is Google news search console insights beta version which may help a lot to web creators to better understand their audience and helps to improve their content and get top position in Google search result.

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