Google unlocks New Version of “Crawl Stats Report” for your Site in Google Search Console


Highlights: Google launches New crawl stats report in search console. New crawl stats help website owners to understand how Googleboat crawls website.

Tech786: Google is known for its new innovation. In this episode, Google has launched a new version of the status report of the search console. The purpose of launching this new status report of Google will be to help website owners to understand more about how Googleboat crawls their website, so let’s know the special things about Google’s newly launched crawl status report.

Features of Google’s new Crawl stats report

In this new update, you are going to see four exciting features which are given below.

● The total number of requests grouped by response code, crawled file type, crawl purpose, and Googlebot type.

● Detailed information about host status

● URL example to show where your site requests have been made

● Comprehensive summary for assets with multiple hosts and support for domain assets

Here are some important charts for easy understanding of crawl statistics

Chart over time

Search Console Crawl Stats Periodic Chart
Search Console Crawl Stats Periodic Chart

The Crawl Stats report enables website owners to view Google crawl data totals and overtime charts: total requests, total download size, and average response time.

Crawl data grouped

Crawl requests to break
Crawl requests to break

The new version of the report also provides data on the crawl request, which breaks down according to the response, the type of URLs filed, the purpose of the crawl request, and the Googlebot agent. Click a row in the group table to see each type of example URL:

High level and detailed information on host level issues

Host status details
Host status details

You can check the general availability of your site to Google over the last 90 days, detailing the status of the host in the report.

Multi-host status
Multi-host status

For domain properties with multiple hosts, you can check the status of the host for each top host presented in the report summary view. This can help you evaluate the performance of all hosts under your domain in one place.

Conclusion: In summary, the new crawl statistics report will help you understand how Googlebot crawls your site which will enable you to understand the following terms.

◆ Google’s crawling history in the Charts overtime chart.

◆ The file type and file size are returned by your site.

◆ Crawl requests details in example lists.

◆ Track your site availability issues in the host status view.


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