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Harmful Effects Of Smartphone Radiation: This post describes the Harmful effects of Smartphone Radiation. If you want to buy a smartphone, then definitely read this post.

Smartphone’s Radiation –

To understand how harmful the radiation emanating from the smartphone is to our body, first of all we have to understand that SAR (Specific absorption rate).

Specific absorption rate means that the radiation emanating from the smartphone is absorbed by our body OR How much radiation goes inside our body.

Smart phone radiation is absorbed by our tissue and to understand how this radiation is absorbed by our body, you should pay attention to some things such as whether you receive a call or call someone or access the Internet.

In all these tasks, the signal is used and the data is sent or received and whatever data is sent or received, this data is in the form of electromagnetic form which we call radiation.

Some of these data radiation remains in the environment which is absorbed by our body and if more radiation is absorbed by our body then this radiation can cause serious diseases in our body. All smartphones have a limit of SAR value and its value in India is 1. 6 w / kg.

How to check your smartphone’s SAR value –

Harmful Effects Of Smartphone Radiation

You can check the SAR of your smartphone, to check it you have to dial *#07# | After dialing it, you will know the SAR value of your phone.

If the SAR value of head is more than 1.4w / kg and SAR value of body is more than 0.909 w / kg then it is harmful for your health.

Head SAR Value means when you call someone from your phone or receive a call, then your phone is near your head at that time how much radiation your head absorbs.

Body SAR value means When your smartphone is in your hand or you keep your phone in your pocket, your phone is in contact with your body at this time, then how much radiation does your body absorb at that time.

If you have a smartphone addiction then reduce it and if you have the addiction to talk to someone on phone, then try to reduce it too.

If you want to talk on the call for a long time, then use the headphones, do not sleep with your phone, Keep the phone away from your head while sleeping.

Some Harmful Effects of smartphone Radiation –

If you spend more time using your smartphone, then a lot of your time will be wasted and you will not be able to spend time in your studies and other work.

Excessive use of smartphone may cause headache. Use of more smart phones will increase the radiation in your body, which can cause serious diseases and if the brightness of your phone is always high, then it is fatal to your eyes.

Children who use more smartphones often fall into depression. Spending too much time on the phone can cause your neck pain and your back muscles are hurting.

Spending too much time on the phone can make you irritable and you will often forget things.

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