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Many features have been rolled out so far by WhatsApp. But there are some secret features about it, which will probably be known to all WhatsApp users. These are very important for your privacy. Let’s know about these features.

Tech786: Everyone knows about the features of WhatsApp, but many such features are also available on its platform, about which very few users are aware. Today we will tell you about some secret features of WhatsApp, which will be very useful for you. Let’s know in detail about the secret feature of WhatsApp.

Three Amazing Features of WhatsApp

3- Turn off auto download

A special feature has been given to prevent the photos and videos coming on WhatsApp from being downloaded automatically, which users can save internet data when they turn off. Below are steps to do this.

Turn off auto download
Turn off auto download

Step 1: Open the Settings option of WhatsApp.

Step 2: After this, you have to go to the Storage and Data option.

Step 3: The option of Media Auto-Download will appear here. From where auto downloading for both mobile data and Wi-Fi will have to be turned off.

2- Turn blue tick off

The blue tick mark lets the person in front know whether they have seen your message or not. But when you ignore the message of the person in front, then this blue tick becomes a problem for you. In such a situation, it would be better to turn off the blue tick.

Turn blue tick off
Turn blue tick off

Step 1: Go to the Account option of WhatsApp Settings.

Step 2: Where you will see the option of Read Receipts in Privacy.

Step 3: This Read Receipts option has to be discontinued.

1- Hide profile picture

If you have not hidden whatsapp profile photo, then any unknown person can download your profile photo. To avoid this, profile hide feature has been provided in WhatsApp. In such a case, the user should hide the profile pick. This will allow your profile photo to be viewed only by those who are included in your contact list.

Hide profile picture
Hide profile picture

Step 1: Go to the Account option of WhatsApp Settings.

Step 2: After this, you have to click on Privacy.

Step 3: Where the profile photo option will appear. In this, you are given three options Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. By clicking on the My Contacts option, your photo will be visible only to the people in the contact.

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