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Honor of Kings mobile game has become the highest grossing game of January 2021 in worldwide. Its earnings in January 2021 stood at $ 267.3 million while Second highest grossing game PUBG Mobile.

Tech786: The Honor of Kings mobile game has become the highest grossing game of January 2021 worldwide. Its earnings in January 2021 stood at $ 267.3 million. Tencent Games generated revenue of about 97 percent from China. At the same time, generated 1 percent of revenue from Thailand. Honor of Kings game has increased by 22 percent as compared to January 2020.

Talking about the second highest grossing game, PUBG Mobile has registered its position at this place. This is also the Tencent company’s only app. It has raised over $ 259. About 60 percent of PUBG Mobile’s revenue has been generated from China. Its local version Game for Peace has generated 9.8 percent from the US.

Speaking of the next name in this list, Fate / Grand Order is from Sony’s Aniplex. Then there are Roblox from Roblox Corporation. A new name has also been added to this list of the top 10 of the highest grossing mobile games of January 2021 which is Professional Baseball Spirits A. This game has had a great month as the game generated a revenue of $ 112.5 million during this time. This is three times more than in January 2020. As of January this year, the lifetime revenue has reached $ 1.3 billion.

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The game’s revue was released by Sensor Tower’s store intelligence platform. The sensor tower’s revenue is estimated between 1 January 2020 and 31 January 2021, sourced from the App Store and Google Play worldwide. This gross represents or represents user spending. These rankings do not include AAP Revue from the Third Party Android Store. Now know about the game which has secured first place in this list.

What about Honor of Kings?

Honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle arena. It is developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games. It is made available on iOS and Android mobile platforms in China. The game was launched in the year 2015. This game is very popular among users in China. Then in October 2016, it has been introduced internationally.

The game was titled Arena of Valor for this. The same game engine and UI design were used in it. As of 2017, Honor of Kings had over 80 million daily active players and 200 million monthly active players. Even then it was one of the most popular and highest grossing sports in the world. The game had over 100 million Daily Active players in November 2020.

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