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Tech786: The amount of time we spend on our smartphones daily keeps growing. In the new normal, we are counting on our smartphone about everything. From completing certain tasks to ordering essential supplies, do smartphones empower us to do all this. In addition to powerful hardware, software is an important aspect for most smartphone buyers today. You do not want to be left behind with a sluggish mobile operating system that slows you down whether its working or playing games.

Oppo, a pioneer in the smartphone market, is constantly innovating with ColorOS to deliver an exceptional smartphone experience to its users. The company recently announced its new ColorOS 11 update based on Android 11, which has a new ‘Make Life Flow’ concept. ColorOS 11 promises to bring the best of both worlds to its users – the stock Android 11 experience with rich UI customization that Oppo users have always wanted.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features that are coming with the ColorOS 11 update:

Here’s 5 Ways ColorOS 11 Will Enhance Users Android 11 Experiences

1- An update to make your phone more efficient

ColorOS 11 will bring a more efficient user experience as before. The Android 11-based update features a new three-finger translator powered by Google Lens. The feature is designed by Oppo and Google together, and allows users to easily translate text using simple three-finger gestures. Small innovations like these make a smartphone more useful, all around.

Another interesting feature that ColorOS 11 is bringing is the Flexdrop. This feature is ideal for users who like to multi task while on the move. You can easily watch your favorite TV show and send a text on both sides, on the same side. You can also switch to different smart home devices using the new device control menu.

2- ColorOS 11 brings powerful Made-for-India features

ColorOS 11 will bring a bunch of useful Made-for-India features that will further improve users’ smartphone experience. A new feature called low battery messaging sends a text message with the user’s current location when the phone’s battery will drop by about 15 percent to select contacts. This enables users to share their location with their loved ones before the battery runs out of their phone. The feature is specially designed for Indian users.

Another highly useful India-specific feature in ColorOS is called Battery Guard. This feature can be learned about the user’s charging habits, and stops charging after the battery level rises to 80 percent at night, and then gradually charges up to 100 percent of the battery until the user wakes up Takes. Now you can stop worrying about keeping your phone on charging overnight.

3- ColorOS 11 unlocks a new level of user customization

ColorOS 11 will enable users to unleash their creativity and show their imagination by personalizing their smartphone experience. The latest update allows users to create an Always-On display that is quite useful for viewing the necessary information while you are on the move. Users can also create their own themes, wallpapers, fonts, icons and ringtones. You can probably enjoy a new phone every single day.

For those who appreciate Dark Mode, Android 11’s stock Dark Mode will be available in ColorOS 11 with even more customizable options, including three color schemes and varying levels of contrast. A great dark mode experience is essential so that you do not strain your eyes while staring at the screen at night. Users can also create their own tracks using Oppo Relax 2.0 which has an extensive collection of sounds from different cities around the world.

4- Make life flow for a lag-free smartphone experience

To enable a lag-free smartphone experience, ColorOS 11 UI will bring First 2.0 that combines the company’s lag-reducing engine with quantum animations, providing a seamless user experience. Oppo says this can help increase RAM usage by up to 45 percent. This means that it is faster to fire apps, browse through screens of homes, and enjoy a seamless overall smartphone experience.

To improve things, the AI ​​app preloading can learn from a user’s smartphone usage, and pre-load some of the most frequently opened apps. This means that you will be able to run some of your favorite apps without delay.

5- security and privacy

ColorOS 11 will make its Oppo smartphone more secure and private to use just about anything. ColorOS 11 will use powerful security and privacy features in Android 11, while adding some additional layers of privacy protection and data protection. Private systems in ColorOS 11 will allow users to create another version of the application and personal data, and is only accessible using a biometric authentication method or password.

ColorOS 11 is the biggest update that Oppo has shipped so far. It will be the fastest, yet widest, rollout in the company’s history. ColorOS 11 will start rolling out in batches, starting with the company’s Find X2 Series and Reno 3 Series phones. The rollout will cover 28 Oppo smartphones.


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