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How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook (Android phones)? – TECH786



How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook (Smartphone) – Facebook is a social network with many users, everybody is aware of this. The content material that may be shared right here contains text, images, and videos, etc.

All of this has roughly contributed to the event of Facebook, serving to Facebook have extra interesting and various content to draw users.

Videos on Facebook have a wide variety of genres, starting from film synopses (within the identity of reviews) to videos about news, skills, journey, animal world, pets, etc., and clouds. cloud.

How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook (Android phones)? – TECH786

How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook (PC & smartphone)?

And I’m sure you have been very annoyed with videos on Facebook because it does not enable users to adjust the playback speed of the video. Something that Youtube has had for a very long time!

You could not know, with the typical particular person‘s ear, you may hear and understand a video with sound working at 2 to three instances the conventional velocity. This will usually save lots of time for viewers!


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So is there a solution to, How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook? Yes, that is all I requested, however since I’ve written this far, of course, I should have it, do not eat it right away. 

And in this article, I’ll show you in detail How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook, videos on Facebook both smartphones and laptop platforms!

How to Adjust VIDEO PLAY SPEED on Facebook on Android phones?

Currently, I’ve solely discovered the Fast Playback application for Android, if you already know of the same app on iPhone, please recommend it to me.

Step 1: You go to this link to download and set up the Fast Playback app, as usual, the app interface has nothing noticeable except the directions for the steps to make use of as shown within the image.

Step 2: Next, open the Facebook app and activate any video. When the video is open, press Chia s=> and choose Xem them.

Step 3: Then, you choose to share with Fast Playback, instantly the video viewing interface Fast Playbackwill be opened to run the video you just shared.

Overall, this app is kind of straightforward to make use of, the tools are arranged below the video for you to customize.

To adjust the video speed, press the mark + to increase or – decrease the speed of the video. Simple as that



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