In today article we will discuss about How to Block Aadhaar card if lost by sending an SMS, you know in now a days adhar card is most important and confidential documents. In missing condition it’s necessary to lock your adhar  arc so that no one could abuse this. So let’s start.

Tech786: You all know the importance of Aadhaar Card and in today’s time it has become the most important document. From opening an account in a bank to buying a SIM card, every small and big place is called Aadhaar. Wherever it comes to the identity card, we use the Aadhaar Card only.

In such a situation, if the Aadhaar card is lost or misplaced, then you may be in trouble. Because there is a risk of your data being leaked when someone comes in the hands of the wrong person.

In such a case, if Aadhaar is lost, first block it and for this you do not need to go anywhere. You can lock the Aadhaar Card right from home and here we are telling its simple process.

Explain that once the Aadhaar card is locked, hackers cannot do Aadhaar verification without your permission. Your data will also be completely safe. You do not even have to go anywhere to lock and unlock the base.

How to Block Aadhaar card if lost by Sending an SMS through Mobile?

How to Block Aadhar card if lost by SMS
How to Block Aadhar card if lost by SMS

Below are simple steps, Just follow whole process step by step carefully to get solution.

Step 1: If the Aadhaar card is lost, first lock it for the safety of its data. For this, you have to send an SMS by writing GETOTP on 1947. After this, OTP will come on the phone of the holder.

Step 2: Message this OTP to 1947 again by writing ‘LOCKUID Aadhaar Number’. After sending this message, your Aadhaar number will be locked.

Step 3: After locking the Aadhaar number, you can also unlock it later. For this, you have to write GETOTP Aadhaar number from your register mobile number and send it to 1947. After which you will receive an OTP.

Step 4: After this, after writing the UNLOCKUID Aadhaar number and OTP, you will have to send a message to 1947 again. Just by doing this, your Aadhaar number will be unlocked.

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