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We will today talk about How to Fix PUBG Map Download Nan Problem After 1.2 Update, Here’s Step By Step Full Guide.

Tech786: Just a few days ago, the new 1.2 version of PUBG Mobile is globally rolled out. After this new update, users are facing many problems related to PUBG Map Download Nan. Today’s article, we will tell you how you can easily fix PUBG map download nan problem, so let’s start without delay.

The new update of PUBG Mobile is also being called Runic Power Update. We have written a separate dedicated article for you about the PUBG Mobile 1.2 update. In it, we have told how you can download the new update through play store or apk file.

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PubG Mobile 1.2 update has seen many new features, new weapons, new characters. Based on Runic Power Mode There is a lot of discussion about this update.

PUBG Map Download NaN Problem
PUBG Map Download NaN Problem

Now many players are facing difficulty that they are not able to download the PUBG map after PUBG Mobile 1.2 update.

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Although this problem is mostly seen in PUBG Mobile Kr, such things are not much exposed in its global version. But there is nothing to worry about. If you have any of these problems then this method will work on both.

How To Fix PUBG Map Downloading Nan Problem?

Step 1: For this, first you need to download Solo VPN from Google Play Store.

Step 2: After downloading this VPN, you can connect it to the Singapore server, let me tell you that after connecting to the VPN your internet speed can be slow, then you may have trouble downloading the game map. That’s why try to use a good network.

Step 3: After connecting VPN then open your PUBG mobile application and update. After clicking update, as soon as you enter inside the game after the update. The map option will open for you there.

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Step 4: After that you go to the settings and turn off the resources pack so that your data will be saved.

Step 5: After that, come back to Home and after that you will see all the maps like Runic Power, Livik, Sanhok etc. After this, you can easily download any map you want by clicking on it.

So friends, if PubG Mobile 1.2 is showing Publish Map Download NAN Problem after update then in this way you can solve it. I hope this article will definitely help you, if you like this article Do and share with your friends.

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