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Tech786: Nowadays we use the instant messaging app WhatsApp the most. Chatting with friends, family or girlfriend, boyfriend is also done through WhatsApp. In this, many of our personal things happen. There are many contacts in WhatsApp whose chat we do not want to share with anyone.

If someone accidentally touches our phone, there is a fear that our person may not read the chat. But now you do not have to worry, today we are telling you a trick, so that you can lock a particular chat. For this, you have to download an app named WhatsApp Chat Locker from Google Play Store. By entering the password in this app, you can lock the chat of any one or more people. Know how this app works.

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How to lock a particular WhatsApp chat in Android Phone

Step-1: First download the WhatsApp Chat Locker app from the Google Play Store.

Step-2: After installing and opening this app, a new page will open.

Step-3: As soon as the page is open, you will get an option to set a password. Now set any password and click on OK.

Step-4: Now the second page will open. At the bottom of the page, you will see the sign of +, click on it.

Step-5: Now tap on Lock Whatsapp Chats on the new page.

Step-6: You will get a message of password protection. Click OK in it. Now enable the app by going to the Accessibility option of phone settings.

Step-7: Go to the app again and click on the + icon again and tap Lock Whatsapp Chats. Now you will get a new message. OK it. Your WhatsApp will open as soon as you do OK.

Step-8: Now tap on the contact whose chat you want to lock in your WhatsApp. You will get the message of Conversation Lock. Now your chat is locked, which no one else can open.

Step-9: To unlock the chat, you need to go to the app and enter the password. The name of the chat you have locked will appear. As soon as you tap on it, you will get an unlock message. Do ok on that.

Step-10: Now tapping on OK will unlock the chat. Anyone can see.

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