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Tech786: During Zoom Meetings, if you want to keep audio record for later, it is quite easy. You can separately record audio of everyone attending meetings. You will also get better audio quality from this. Let’s know how different audio can be recorded for each person.

Zoom offers the option of cloud recording with local. By default, only the host can record meetings, as long as it does not give access to other participants for recording. By the way, there is also the advantage of recording audio separately that you not only get better audio quality, but will also be able to remove the noises.

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How To Record Audio of Each Person Separately During Zoom Meetings

1. During the Zoom Video Call, open the Zoom on the computer to record each person separately.

2. Then click on the Gear Icon to open the settings, which you will find in the corner on the top right.

3. Now select Recording from the sidebar on the left.

4. Click here on the box containing Record a separate audio file for each participant who speaks.

5. Just the next time you record a meeting, Zoom will record individual audio files (Audio Files) for all speaking participants.

6- After the meeting is over, open the recording folder. Here you will find a folder named Audio Record containing the audio track of each participant, in which the audio file will be in the name of the participant.

Another Way to Record Audio During Zoom Meetings

You can easily do it with the help of a third-party tool called RecordAnyVid, which is a multifunctional recording software combined with video recorder, audio recorder, and screen capture. To record the Zoom meeting with audio-only, you just need to follow these three simple steps.

1. Enter the Audio Recorder in the interface of RecordAnyVid, you can see that the system sound is turned on while the microphone is turned off by default. But you can run it as you need and record the outside voice together.

Zoom Meetings - Audio record
Zoom Meetings – Audio record Step-1 

2. Click the “REC” button to start recording the voice. During the recording, the following floating frame will be displayed on the screen for you to adjust the volume of the system and microphone at any time.

Zoom Meetings - Audio record
Zoom Meetings – Audio record Step -2

3. After the recording is over, you can check the content before saving it.

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