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Tech786: Due to COVID-19 these days people are quite active on social media. People stay connected with their family and friends on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. In such a situation, we also keep checking the profile and status of others. The person who checks our WhatsApp status knows who has checked his WhatsApp status.

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In such a situation, we often want to check the situation, but also want that the person in front does not even know about it. So today we are telling you about one such trick of WhatsApp. With which you can see the WhatsApp status of anyone and the person in front will not know.

You have to use the Read Receive feature to use this trick on your WhatsApp. Which tells us if the message has access to the receiver. This tick mark becomes blue color after reading the message. If the read receipt facility is disabled, only the tick mark will be visible when sending the message.

He will not know whether to read the message. Apart from this, if you want to see WhatsApp status without knowing, then you have to disable this feature. If you see someone’s position by doing this, they will not know, but by this you will not be able to know who has seen your situation. Let’s know how to disable the read reception feature.

How To Disable Read Reception Feature

1- To disable the first-read receive feature, first open the WhatsApp setting.

2- In the settings you have to go to account section and click on privacy

3 – Here you will see the option of read receipt, you have to disable it.

4- After disabling the read receive feature, anyone whose WhatsApp status is visible to you will not know.

5- However you will not know who has seen your status.

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