Inbase Launches One Of A Kind Multi Functional Box For The First Time In India

  • It has been replaced by many cable adapters and SIM kits.
  • The company is also giving 6 months warranty on this box.

Indian portable digital product maker InBase has launched India’s first multi functional box. In these innovative boxes, users will get many tools and cables. This box is designed keeping in mind the traveling users. Let us know that the company also makes speakers, headphones, chargers, cables and other gadgets in India.

What will be found in the multi function box?

Several cable adapters and SIM kits have been replaced inside this box. It will have a 3A fast charging C to C cable, 4 in 1 multi cable (micro USB, lighting, type C), SIM kit, card slot, phone credential, SIM elector pin.

Multi Functional Box

Multi Functional Box
Multi Functional Box

Apart from this, the box also has a TF card and 2 nano SIM card slots and an injection pin. The back of the box has a phone cradle to hold the phone. It acts as a mobile holder.

Box price

This is a portable box, which the user can easily keep in their pocket. This box comes in handy many times during travel. The company has fixed its price at Rs 1,299, but now it can be purchased for Rs 737 on Amazon. That is, it is getting a benefit of 562 rupees. The company is also giving a 6-month warranty on it.


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