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Actually, when you call Amazon Alexa device as I Love You, the Alexa device gives you different answers every time. This is probably the reason why people like to call Alexa I Love You again and again.

Tech786: Most of the year 2020 has gone into lockdown. At this time people have spent a lot of free time at home. In this free time of lockdown, Indians called Amazon Alexa about 19,000 times every day. In the same year 2019, Alexa was spoken about 1,200 times every day, I Love You. According to the company’s report, the year 2020 has seen an increase of around 67% in terms of interacting with virtual assistant support devices.

A different answer comes every time I love

Actually, when you call Amazon Alexa as I Love You, Alexa gives you different answers every time. For example, if you say I Love You, the answer will be that thanks. I Love You 2. If you say in Hindi that I love you, then I will love to hear you, I also like you as a friend. Alexa’s response will be different every time I speak to you, due to which people repeatedly say Alexa to I Love You. According to the company, people in non metro cities are bringing an eco device in their home, which is about 50 percent.

Alexa support in these smartphones

According to Puneesh Kumar of Amazon India, we learn something from Alexa every day, and add some new features to Alexa, which makes it easier for people to use Alexa. According to the company, eco smart speakers have been purchased in the year 2020 in around 85 percent PIN codes across the country.


The Alexa device has completed three years. In such a situation, the company has organized a sale for the sale of the eco device for 24 hours on February 15 at 12 pm. During this time people will be able to buy the eco device at a huge discount. Leading smartphone brands are offering Alexa build in phones in India. Currently, 6 smartphones Redmi Note 9 Pro, OnePlus Nord are being offered in Build in Alexa.

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