Indigenous Battle Royale FAU-G Launch Date, Here’s latest update about Launch

  • Indigenous Battle Royale FAU-G Launch Date, Here’s latest update about Launch.

Tech786: The wait for the FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) game is about to end soon. This game, which competes with PUBG Mobile India, has received a great response in the newly started pre-registration. More than 10 lakh people have pre-registered for FAU-G before launch. Now Indian gamers are waiting for the FAU-G launch date. The latest report reveals the launch timeline of FAU-G.

When will the FAU-G game launch? 

NCore Games from Bengaluru, which developed the FAU-G game, announced its launch in November. However, the game could not be launched in November and its launch date has not been revealed yet. Now InsideSport’s report quoted sources close to nCore Games as saying that the FAU-G game could be launched this month. The report says that if everything is correct then the FAU-G game will be rolled out in December.

When will FAU-G launch?
When will FAU-G launch?

The FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards is based on the Indian Army. This is a multiplayer mobile game. With strong graphics and gameplay, this game can compete with PUBG Mobile India.

Pre-registration can be done from Google Play Store

The pre-registration of the FAU-G game started on November 30 on the Google Play Store for Android devices. After searching the FAU-G in the search bar by going to the Google Play Store, you can pre-register for it.

FAU-G Pre registration start on Google Play
FAU-G Pre registration start on Google Play

Pre-registration users will get a push notification, which will let them know that the game is available for download. The game will automatically download and install on the eligible device. Currently, the game is not on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, which is believed to be an Android game initially.

First Episode based on the incident in Galvan Valley

FAU-G is not a battle royal game. There will be normal episodes, which players will be able to play and also know how the Indian Army works. However, later the company may include Battle Royal Mode in it.

FAU-G Teaser Released
FAU-G Teaser Released

An episode of the FAU-G game will be based on an incident in the Galvan Valley. Apart from this, the rest of the other episodes will be based on important events of the country.

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