Instagram update 2021: Now Photos, videos, and editing option will be available in Desktop version of Insta App

Instagram update 2021: A new update has been launched on the social media platform Instagram. Which users are now going to get the option to post videos, photos and edit them in the desktop version.

For the past several months, the development features of Instagram’s update were in the face. But now it is being tested. A small group of users can now use uploading and posting on Instagram.

Matt Navarra has made a tweet from his official Twitter account. And it is said that some users are seeing a + sign in the bar at the top of

If users click on it, they can also upload photos and videos from their personal computers. Let us tell you that Matt is a social media expert.

They say that users can not only upload photos and videos with the help of this feature, but they will also get options like formatting tools and filters to edit the fed post. With the help of this feature, users will be able to improve their posts even more.

Highlighted Point Of Instagram update 2021 –

  • Direct upload videos and photos directly from the PC in the desktop version of the Instagram app.
  • Users can also improve their posts with the help of filters and editing.
  • Stories and Instagram Reel feature to be available in future

Let us tell you that many more options are going to be available to users on Instagram in the future. In which you can post your Instagram directly in the Instagram PC version. However, right now users cannot post reels and stories from here.

But the company is working to bring this feature. Currently working on IGVT upload by Instagram. This indicates that the user will also get features like Stories and Instagram reel.

The option of uploading and editing the photos app video from the desktop is quite great. This will mostly benefit those users who edit photos or videos from their desktops.

Earlier, to upload the photo or video, the user had to transfer it to his smartphone, but now he will not have to do so. With the help of this Instagram Update 2021, they will get a lot of help, and both their time and data will be saved.

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