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Ever since WhatsApp has announced its new privacy policy, a large number of users are leaving WhatsApp and connecting on the Signal and Telegram app. But the biggest question that arises is, is the signal app safe? And is it guaranteed that in the coming days, the signal app will not act like WhatsApp? In relation to this, the COO of the Signal Company has made a big disclosure from India Today, so let us know in this article today what statement they have made about it.

Tech786: The new year was not good for instant messaging app WhatsApp because as soon as WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy on the new year, all the users erupted and the impact of this is that WhatsApp is suffering such that a large number of users of WhatsApp Alternatively, the Signal app and Telegram are connecting on the app.

Tesla company CEO Elon Musk also announced the move to signal app in the past. After this, the number of users on the signal app has crossed 500 million and this figure is increasing every hour, hence the signal app has topped the chart of most downloaded apps.

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Signal App COO
Signal App COO

But the biggest question that arises here is whether the signal app is safe? Does it sustain our privacy? In this regard, Signal COO Aruna Harder, while answering several important questions in a special conversation with India Today, said that the biggest feature of Signal is that it does not ask for details from customers. According to her, the signal app takes only contact number of the users so that OTP verification can be completed. Apart from this, no additional information is asked and in such a situation, when it does not have so much information about the user, then what will it share on any other platform. Apart from this, your chat backup is not stored online on the signal. This means that the data of the conversation is saved on the phone itself and not on the signal app’s server, which is the most important thing.

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In this link, she further informed that maintaining customer privacy is our first priority and we guarantee that private details will never be sought from a user. He said that the signal app has been designed in such a way that the user does not ask for his personal data. At the same time, he also said that the Indian government is very sensitive about the data privacy of its people and we give full confidence to the government that whatever data or conversation you do on the signal platform is absolutely safe. Apart from this, she also told that the Signal app has another special feature that your old messages get deleted automatically here.

The signal app came into limelight when WhatsApp announced the implementation of its new term and condition from February 8, as well as stating that users who are not in agreement with our privacy policy can delete their account. The reason for this is that people are rapidly moving on the signal.

Actually, if the new privacy policy of WhatsApp is seen, then the data of users is not completely secure. But WhatsApp is repeatedly clarifying on its behalf that it will not tamper with users’ data. But after reading the new guidelines of WhatsApp, every user can understand in easy words that their data is not secure.

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