jio net recharge plan ₹1299, Affordable Packs full details


jio recharge plan ₹1299

Reliance is an Indian company. Which made its foray into the telecom sector on 5 September 2016. Jio started giving internet to people at a low rate under its Jio net recharge plan, let us tell you all that Reliance initially launched Jio SIM card to attract customers in the telecom sector in India.

On which there was no need to recharge any kind of Jio. On the new SIM provided by Jio, you were provided daily unlimited high-speed internet data on that SIM by Reliance Jio. Who would not be familiar with the name Jio in today’s time? In today’s time, it has become a very big brand, not just a name.


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Jio net recharge plan of Reliance Jio has become the largest telecom company in this time, surpassing airtel. And as Jio continues to increase its customers, the day does not seem far when Jio will become the world’s largest telecom company.

But with the passage of time, Reliance started charging consumers for providing high-speed internet data under its Jio net recharge plan. Initially, the price was very low, but as time went by, Jio made many changes in its Jio 4G Recharge Plan, thus in this new year, Jio Recharge Plan has been made a big change.

Friends, through this post today, we are going to tell you about the complete details of Jio net recharge plan ₹ 1299, so let us tell you what benefits you will get under this recharge plan.

Jio recharge ₹1299, Affordable Packs full details:

In this post, we will tell you about Jio’s ₹ 1299 plan, which will be only for Jio phone users.

1. If you use Jio SIM in your Jio phone, then there is a golden opportunity for you, you can use Jio’s ₹ 1299 plan.

2. In this Jio recharge plan of Jio, you will be provided full 24 GB high-speed internet data by Reliance Jio.

3. The validity of this Jio recharge plan of Jio will be for about one year, ie 336 days.

4. Under this Reliance Jio Affordable plan, you will be provided 24GB high-speed 4G high-speed internet data from Jio for 336 days on your Jio number.


jio net recharge plan
    jio recharge ₹1299 activate

5. If you are able to fully utilize the 24GB high-speed internet data provided by Jio, then you will be provided with an additional browsing speed of 64Kbps from Jio for browsing. That too for a full 336 days.

7. Under the Affordable Pack, Jio net Recharge plan ₹ 1299, you will get Jio to Jio unlimited calling. The validity of which will be for a full 336 days.

8. In Jio’s recharge plan, you will get full 12000 minutes for calling on Jio to other SIM.

9. Let us tell you that under this Jio plan, a total of 3600 s.m.s. It will be valid for 336 days.

10. You activate Jio net Recharge plan ₹ 1299 with the help of Jio’s special application under this Jio Affordable Packs, then you can also get some additional discounts.

Notice- From time to time, Jio company keeps making changes in the prices and packs of its recharge plan.

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