Jio net recharge plan ₹599, 2 GB/Day Packs full details


Jio Recharge plan ₹599

Reliance is an Indian company. Which made its foray into the telecom sector on 5 September 2016. Jio started giving internet to people at a low rate under its Jio net recharge plan. The customers of Jio are increasing very fast even today.

People are coming to Jio from another company. One reason for this is the attractive and cheap Jio net recharge plan of Jio, which attracts the attention of all the people. Jio not only Ethernet has made data cheaper but also has made calling easier and cheaper. Because of which the people of India are enjoying the callings in a carefree and joyful manner without interruption.


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Who would not be familiar with the name Jio in today’s time? In today’s time, it has become a very big brand, not just a name. The Jio net recharge plan of Reliance Jio has become the largest telecom company in this time, surpassing Airtel. And as Jio continues to grow its customers, the day does not seem far when Jio will become the world’s largest telecom company.


Internet data and calls were very expensive in India before the arrival of Jio. For the common man, purchasing internet data was economically a lot of loss. Because of which every person did not have access to the internet. But the Reliance company made a revolution as soon as it came in the field of telecom, Reliance launched a SIM called Jio, which is also available at a very cheap and reasonable rate. Because of which today every person has access to the internet and people are taking full advantage of Jio net recharge plan in full. However, as soon as the arrival of Jio, the prices of internet data started falling down sharply. Because of which the common people benefited a lot. The Internet is much cheaper in our country at this time than other countries, which you guys must have experienced yourself.


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Complete details of Jio net recharge plan ₹599:

Regarding the complete details of Jio net recharge plan ₹ 599, let us tell you what are the benefits you will get under this recharge plan.

1. Let us tell you that, if you activate this plan offered by Reliance Jio on your Jio number, this jio net recharge plan ₹ 599, then its validity will be for a full 84 days.

2. Under this plan of Reliance Jio, you will be provided a total of 168 GB 4G high-speed internet data. You will get 2GB of high speed 4G internet data provided daily.

3. If you exhaust the 2 GB high-speed 4G internet data received daily within 24 hours, then you will get 64Kbps additional data from Jio only for browsing.

Jio net recharge plan

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4. Under this recharge plan of Jio, you will have unlimited Jio to Jio calling for 24 hours for a total of 84 days, but you will be provided a total of 3000 minutes for calling on another SIM from Jio.

5. Jio net recharge plan ₹ 599 All of you will also get 100 SMS facility, would like to tell you that or SMS facility will be provided to you daily.

6. If you activate this Jio recharge plan with the help of Jio application, then you will also receive other supplementary benefits from Jio.

Notice- From time to time, the company keeps making changes in your prices and packs.

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