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New feature of Spotify … Now you can easily block other users ..



You can now block users directly from your Spotify account. Full details about it are here.

Tech786– Spotify is a digital music streaming service. You can listen and enjoy songs and music directly on the internet without downloading. Just like in the offline music player, there are various features in Spotify. But since it is an online service, other users can view your account, including playlist, just like any other processor.

It is not possible to block other users directly. You can only block by requesting or filing a complaint with the customer service center. But, now you can block users directly from your Spotify account. Full details about it are here.



In an email to The Verge, he said: The privacy of our customers has always been very, very important to us. So, to make them feel comfortable, we have introduced the blogging feature. This feature allows users to use their account more securely, giving them greater control. We are happy that we have been able to fulfill our promise. ”

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How to block users on Spotify?

1- To block users on Spotify, go to the Spotify user profile you want to block.

2-Click the three-point menu at the top of that user’s public playlist.

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3- If you are trying to block on a mobile device, select “block” or “block user” (block or block user).

4- Once you block a user, he or she will not be able to access your Spotify page, your public playlist, or any activity that you are listening to. Similarly, you can now un-block users that you previously blocked.

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5- Prior to this, you must access the Customer Service Center to block users on the Spotify account. Similarly, in 2019, Spotify offered the option to block artists. Spotify users’ wish to have a ‘Black User’ feature for two years has been fulfilled.

6- Spotify provides secure listening and listening to music and podcasts and a great user experience. It has been reported that this block feature will be updated for all users this week.

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