Now Wikipedia is asking for Donation of Guru to impart knowledge


Wikipedia as you might know is a free knowledge website. Who is spreading the light of his knowledge abroad for free? On Wikipedia, you get all the information related to any field absolutely free. The unfathomable repository of knowledge and the modern-day digital library on the Internet gives us something to learn on every website.

If you need any information, then you can definitely find it on Wikipedia. It is like a store where people get everything they want for free. However now this website is asking for Guru Dakshina from the people.


As soon as you open this website a box comes in front of you in which voluntary form There is an appeal to donate from. As of the year 2019 and 18, the total assets of this famous website was around 12.35 billion.

Wikipedia is ad-free, yet it operates –

As you may have noticed that if we read an article on Wikipedia, we do not see any kind of ad. This happens because Wikipedia is an ad-free website. It almost entirely relied on donations made by its millions of readers worldwide.

However, many corporate contributes to the website. Last year, the e-commerce giant and much-known company Amazon donated nearly $ 10 million to the Wikipedia Foundation. Through these sum donations,  is able to keep its services running.

How does Wikipedia operate?

The number of employees working on this world-famous website is around 250. Apart from these, this website is operated by a team of over 2.5 lakh global volunteers. In 20 years, Wikipedia has published more than 50 million articles in about 300 languages.

Salary is paid to staff members from the amount received through donations to this website. The same volunteers contribute to the website for free through their services.

Where is the money donated to Wikipedia spent?

According to its detailed report shared by the Wikipedia Foundation in 2019, about 49% of its annual financial gain was spent as direct support of the website. If 32% of the money is spent on training, equipment, etc. for a network of volunteers.

Staff members working for this website Foundation are paid the remaining 13 percent of the money, and the rest of the money is used to acquire new information.

Why does Wikipedia need donations –

Consumers on visited 5.2 billion in July 2020. Pat Pena, director of payments and operations for the Wikipedia Foundation, wrote in a recent block post about the campaign to raise funds in India.

He wrote that the attention of the readers is extremely important to support Wikipedia’s global presence. It is operated by the non-profit Wikipedia Foundation. Yes uses a network of volunteers, editors, and engineers. Which expands the growing stock of information. Which can be made available to the user for free.

The debate on the appeal –

Wikipedia first went online in 2001, according to its founders, its mission is to ensure that everyone receives and shares knowledge for free. Notwithstanding this, this website started working.

Recently a red and white banner has started appearing at the top of a Wikipedia page, in which it is asking for donations to continue the website. There is a debate between the two. Nothing questioned whether a donation would actually be needed to continue one of the world’s most popular websites.

It is a simple matter that we really need money to run a company or any personal thing. In the same way, this website is an ocean of knowledge that satisfies people with its free knowledge. So according to the banner seen on it, it seems that it really needs money. Please tell us what your opinion is.

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