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Now you can do this on Google Pay Processor too- New feature has arrived.



Tech786: Online transactions are an inevitable one. Google Pay is one of the unavoidable online bend segment in India. Users on Google Pay can transfer money to their friends and merchants by pressing a button. From small shops to large companies are making transactions by putting QR code on the doorstep.

Credit cards support

Credit cards are now supported, with Google Pay only supporting debit cards. Physical card payments can be made through UPI when making transactions with supported credit cards using Google Pay. The amount of credit allotted to them will be defined by their bank account.

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Android smartphone users

Credit card support on Google Pay is only available to users of selected Android smartphones in India. This feature is expected to be introduced to iOS users in the next few days. Similarly some users report that they are not able to add credit card in Google Pay app even after getting the update.

The latest version of Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay

Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Pay on your smartphone. You can go to the Google Play Store and check the Google Pay site. In this you have to click on their profile picture and go into the payment methods option. You need to click on the option to link the bank account. You will need to use the same phone number you used to use your Google Pay account to connect your credit card.

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Access to credit cards

It is supported on Google Pay as the credit cards of major banks are issued as Visa and MasterCard. Google Pay currently offers Axis Bank Credit Cards, SBI Credit Cards, Kodak Bank Credit Cards, ACDFC Bank Credit Cards, IndusInd Bank Credit Cards, Federal Bank Credit Cards, RPL Bank Credit Cards and more.

You can also pay by credit card

This allows you to make all payments using credit cards. You can also pay your credit card issuer. There are no reports that Google charges extra for using a credit card through Google Pay.

How to make FTs on Google Pay site

Google Bay Processor recently introduced a new feature. It is a fixed deposit. You can see how to perform FT-s on the Google Pay site, open the Google Pay app on your Android device, then go down to select the Trade and Bills option, which will show the Equitas Bank Smart option. Click on the Illisha Equitas SFB logo. Then select their deposit amount in Fixed Deposit and then enter the KOYC details including Aadhaar number, PAN details. The FT system will then be carried out with Google Pay UPI.

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How to withdraw money from Google Pay FT

Equitas Smart Finance Bank has released a report on how to withdraw money from Google Pay FT. In it, the FT’s principal amount and interest at maturity will be credited directly to the Google Bank user’s current bank account. Will be credited directly to all banks in India. Similarly, if you need money before the end of time, there is a chance. That too will be returned to the Google Bay linked bank account.


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