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There are many such features on WhatsApp that make the user’s chat experience very special and today we are going to tell about one such feature.

Tech786: The instant messaging app is very popular among WhatsApp users and is used by people of all ages. The main reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp is that keeping in mind the convenience of the users, many special and useful features have been given here.

The best thing is that this app is now used fiercely among the users, not only for personal, but also for professional work. The company also keeps on introducing new features and updates every day to give better experience to the users. But there are already some such features in WhatsApp, about which few users will probably be aware.

Did you know that you can reply to a message without even opening WhatsApp? If not, then we will tell you how to use this feature. This is a very special and unique feature of WhatsApp.

You can send messages without opening WhatsApp

Yes, you would love to know that there is no need to open WhatsApp to reply to a message. With the help of some shortcuts, you can reply to the message without opening the chat. For this you have to follow some simple tips.

How to send WhatsApp messages without opening the chat
How to send WhatsApp messages without opening the chat

Step 1: To reply to a message without opening WhatsApp, first you have to add the chat of the person with whom you talk the most in the message to the home screen.

Step 2: For this, open WhatsApp and press on the chat icon of the person whom you want to add for the shortcut.

Step 3: On pressing the icon, three dots will show in the right side. Among them you have to click on the icon of ‘Add Chat Shortcut’.

Step 4: After clicking on ‘Add Chat Shortcut’, that chat box will be added to the home screen of your phone.

Step 5: Whenever a message will come from that number, you will be able to reply to the message with a direct shortcut without opening WhatsApp.

Step 6: Let us tell you that by repeating this process again, you can also remove the shortcut from the Home button.

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