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Tech786: Indian ride sharing company Ola, is making rapid strides towards electric vehicle manufacturing. On Wednesday, Ola partnered with Siemens to set up India’s most advanced EV manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu. Only last month, Ola signed a deal of Rs 2,400 crore with the Tamil Nadu government to set up its first plant in the state.

AI technology will monitor the work

He further added that – thanks to Ola’s AI engine and tech stack, the factory will work solely on Artificial Intelligence technology, so that every aspect of the manufacturing process will be well monitored. This will enable better control, automation and quality maintenance over the entire operation.

Robots will do many things

Ola Partnered with Siemens

The company claims that this plant, built on the Industry 4.0 principal, will be the most advanced manufacturing plant in India. Around 5 thousand robots will do different types of work in it. Under the partnership “Ola will be able to access Siemens’ integrated digital twin design and manufacturing solutions to digitize and validate products and production beyond the actual operation.

10 thousand people will get employment

The company claims that about 10 thousand people will get employment when the plant is fully started. It will be the world’s largest scooter manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 2 million units per annum. It will also serve as a global manufacturing hub of Ola with India for customers in major markets such as Europe, UK, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

The movement and storage of goods will be automatic

All the work from the raw material and material inside the factory to transport, store, finish the scooter work on the production line to load the scooter truck will be fully automatic. The company said that this advanced technology system will work closely with Ola’s workforce. This will help in delivering a quality product to Ola’s customers.

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