Saturday, May 15, 2021

OPPO launches new Oppo HeyTap Health mobile app in India, Full specification

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OPPO HeyTap Health mobile app: You can connect the HeyTap Health application wirelessly with your OPPO band as well as the OPPO Watch. You can also fully manage your smart gadgets with this special OPPO Heytap Health mobile app of Oppo.

Noted smartphone company Oppo has recently launched OPPO HeyTap Health Smart App in India. This app is named HeyTap Health.

It is designed specifically for iOS users. Let everyone know that this is a smart app. With which you can visualize your workouts and your health accurately.


The biggest feature will be that you can operate this gadget completely from any smartphone tablet or lips.

OPPO’s smart gadget, especially OPPO HeyTap Health Monitoring, has been designed to protect many users from many different problems. Through this, you can use slip monitoring, Heart rate monitoring can monitor the support of Spo2.


There are 12 inbuilt workout modes in Oppo Band style. Which can be used in different ways. Like if you do yoga along with walking, swimming, badminton, cricket, and running.

So you can easily measure all these by connecting the app to Oppo’s smartwatch. You can easily connect with the watch of this smart app.

You can do it through this, apart from this, you have also given the option of recording, you can check your health, which can become a motivation for everyday routine of users.

How long will the Oppo Watch be charged?

Let everyone know, this smartwatch from Oppo is the world’s first such smartwatch that is coming with a double card display. In this smart ward, you get the support of Google’s S. Apart from professional methods, this special watch of Oppo can also be used for its personal methods.

It can also be a great training partner for you. This smartwatch supports VOOC charging. With this flash charging method, you can charge it in just 15 minutes. As charging is a big problem for users today.

Every user wants to charge less time in less time on his smartphone or any smart gadgets. But keeping that in mind for a long time, OPPO has designed this special smartwatch.


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