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PUBG MOBILE Unbanned in these countries, Good news for PUBG lovers – Tech786

Tech786: PUBG Mobile unbanned in some countries, I know it’s really shocking for you game shooters but 100% true. As you know recently Indian government has banned Battle Royale Game PUBG Mobile and some other Chinese apps.

Guys, nowadays there will be some rare in the world who will be unaware of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. In the history of gaming, both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have gained considerable fame globally. Let me tell you that PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are two of the most famous battle royale games available on Mobile Platform.

Are you a PUBG Mobile lover or Free Fire? This is your personal question. Talking at the ground level, a PUBG lover can never be satisfied with Free Fire, the opposite is also true. Before starting article about in which country recently PUBG Mobile unbanned, let’s a bit look at about PUBG MOBILE.

What about PUBG MOBILE?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, abbreviated as PUBG, is a Royale Battle game based on the Mobile Platform. It is developed by PUBG Corporation (a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole). The game is inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale.

In this game, 100 players jump on a parasute on an island simultaneously. Then they collect weapons and equipment, and they can kill others. Gradually the area of ​​the game decreases, so that the remaining players have to survive in that certain area. When the game area is very low, players have to struggle more to survive. In the end the player who survives gets ‘Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner’.

PUBG was first launched for Microsoft Windows in March 2017 whereas it was fully released in December 2017. Its free-to-play mobile version launched for Android and iOS in September 2018. It is the best-selling and most played video game of all time. By 2020, more than 600 million downloads of PUBG Mobile have been downloaded and more than 70 million copies have been sold.

Why PUBG Banned?

Since the infamous ban on PUBG Mobile in India, fans of the battle royale game have been anxious to see their favorite game make a return. PUBG Mobile is known for having redefined the entire genre of battle royale gaming and was arguably one of the best mobile games.

While the game has been banned, for now, the hope is not lost. There have been talks about PUBG Corp trying to get the game back to India, which was one of the biggest markets for it.

Which country is Unbanned PUBG Mobile?


In April 2019, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority decided to implement a ban on PUBG Mobile. The NTA cited concerns over the negative impact of the game on the youth. The government argued that the game was too addictive. Moreover, it also had concerns about the violence associated with the game.

However, it was only about a week later, that the apex court decided that the ban on PUBG Mobile was unnecessary, since the game was a harmless way for the kids to socialize and have fun with people of their age. So it’s became unbanned in Nepal also.


PUBG Mobile has had its fair share of controversy with India’s neighboring country like Pakistan. Imran Khan’s government decided in July 2020 that PUBG Mobile was a negative influence on the youth of the country. The government cited that the game was a waste of time and that it posed a threat to the mental and physical wellbeing of youngsters.

But the Pakistani youth began protesting against the move in some parts of the country, stressing the importance of the game in their lives and the fact that they used the game to socialize with people of their age. On 30 July, the ban was overturned, and PUBG Mobile was brought back to Pakistan.

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